House plans

We bought the land with planning permission

We were not keen on the design of the house. We resubmitted plans and await developments. The new plan is taking advantage of the south aspect of the building creating  a solar room at the front to increase heat and light in the house. We will have a large kithchen and bedroom and small bathroom. We need to balance the use of sustainable materials with longevity and efficient running of the building. Also planning constraints will not allow everything but we are aiming for a functioning building. We intend to do all the building work ourselves and, if possible, all the paper work.

The building will be a functioning breathing dwelling built from a palate of local sustainable materials. Stone, lime, plant fibres sheep’s wool and timber. It will be super insulated with a solar room to increase passive gain. Heated by wood burning stove with water heated from the stove and a solar collector. This building is very simple and not extraordinary in any way. We have employed a building inspector from an eco speciality firm unfortunately he was dumbfounded by 300mm insulation and thought it required 300mm rafters and suggested plastic alternatives with cement capped stone walls. But we are in no rush to complete the building and if we have to start again with inspection so be it we will take this slowly and get what we want.

We have to take this slowly as we are no further building the passing place. This is a prerequisite of the council to build but we cannot get the highways department to answer the phone, emails or letters so eventually we will have to go to the office and refuse to leave until this is arranged but I have more important things to do now

The building will happen some time in the next 10 years probably


1 Response to House plans

  1. Gwen says:

    I am amazed at the progress made since we visited at Easter. You have done fantastically!
    I look forward to the next bulletin.

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